during the hsc (when i peaked), i made ‘anthropoi’, a website about ~humans~. for this project, countless hours and all-nighters were pulled. nestle instant coffee profit margins reached its peak during the spring of 2016.

the hard work paid off and the website was nominated to be a part of hsc industrial technology exhibitions in 2016.


whilst the website and the photography project will never see the light of day. the videos were an arduous undertaking.

please, if you have any mercy, excuse the tragic sound mixing (i’m yet to master the art of audio).

this is the first one, titled tessellate (because i was going through an alt-j indie stage).

the second one’s called, curate (because i had access to a thesaurus and i wasn’t afraid to flaunt it).

if you’ve made it this far, congratulations!

also if you enjoyed these, comment down below and follow my social medias!

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