it’s had been raining in kerala, the southern indian state, for a while now and in some parts, water was beginning to rise.

but my home town of pala was lucky enough to avoid its liquid wrath.

cooking in the dark

after attending my grandfather’s funeral, almost like pathetic fallacy (but in reverse), it started to rain. no. it started to pour, and it never stopped. so, when it came to be the day before my mother and i left, they closed down the main airport indefinitely and rerouted to an airport much, much farther than possible in this weather.

the next day, we woke up at 6am – found a boat (by the magical powers of an asian mum) and drove in a car for more than 12 hours. we took so many back roads, and got turned away due to flood waters more times than i can count.

i missed my flight (it was an improbable feat anyway), but my mother caught hers. just.

the following day, i took three flights, landing me in two different states in india and three different countries.

the only thing i lost was my time (and some money but the people of kerala, lost their homes and in many cases their lives.

yeah, it’s vertical. im sorry.

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