// hello hello hello

my name is sanjana (call me sanj) and i cordially welcome you to my summer project. i take photos and shoot videos (mostly when i’m travelling). i’m also beginning to step into the world of feature and hard-news style writing (as can be seen by the overly ambitious ‘articles’ menu tab).

tu as quel âge?

i am 19, currently spending my time between sydney and byron bay (ok lismore jeez). i go to unsw, currently in my second year of international studies and media (journalism and communication).

my lecturer said if i wanted any hope of a career in the media field, i should start with a self-titled website


thanks for taking a look around. i sincerely hope at some point in your peruse, you’re hit with the fantastical thought: wow this is aesthetic.

definitive raving reviews by adoring critics:

she took a dp for me once” – a friend

“do you even know how to shoot on manual mode?” – an indian uncle i once met at a party

“i hope she stops this nonsense and goes into medicine” – my mum

can you make me look thinner?” – another friend

“a solid 6/10 personality” – a distant colleague

me, at age 19

my question for you: what’s your favourite type of furniture and why?

One thought on “ c’est moi ”

  1. i guess i’ll start. my favourite furniture is the chair. practical and necessary furniture, but also very underappreciated by society. like why do we never think about the chair?

    if your sitting on a chair now, stroke its arms and whisper. “thank you for your service”.


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